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Invisalign™ provides a new and exciting alternative to traditional braces. It involves wearing a series of computer generated clear removable aligners used to straighten your teeth without braces. The convenience and ease of use of the Invisalign system has made it the choice of many adults, requiring minor to moderate tooth alignment and smile correction.

Adults find this to be an especially attractive option because there are no metal wires or braces to irritate your mouth and most importantly, people can’t tell you are in treatment. They can not see the invisible aligners! Unlike braces, aligners can also be removed allowing you to brush and floss more easily. Straight teeth without braces will give you two reasons to smile!

Interesting enough, our adult patients also comment on the fact that they tend to snack less, because they are wearing their aligners and actually lose weight during the process – two very good reasons to smile!

How does it work?
It starts with proper diagnosis and treatment planning best achieved by a certified specialist in orthodontics, such as Dr. Palmer. Once a treatment plan has been established, then special Invisalign impressions are taken which are then scanned onto a computer. Using CAD/CAM technology, Dr. Palmer provides Invisalign with instructions in order to produce a digital simulation of the treatment. Depending on the amount of tooth movement required, about 10–20 aligners are fabricated to be worn for about 2–3 weeks each. Every 2 months Dr. Palmer monitors the treatment progress to ensure that treatment progresses smoothly and accurately. At the end of the treatment you have straight teeth and a beautiful smile without anyone knowing it was ever anything otherwise.

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